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Cameroon has two separate official education structures – each according to the legacy of British or French colonial control specific to different geographic areas. Both structures have a primary entry age of 6 and primary duration of 6. The systems diverge at the secondary level: the Anglophone school structure is 5-2, and the Francophone school structure is 4-3. Overall, the duration of secondary is the same but boundary between lower and upper secondary in each structure differs.

In principle, primary school is and compulsory. Students sit for the Certificat d etudes primaire (CEP)/First school-leaving certificate (FSLE) at the end of grade 6, and the General Certificate of Education Ordinary Level at the end of grade 10 (French system) or 11 (English system).The school year is roughly 36 weeks and is broken down into trimesters; September-December, January-March, April-June. (UNESCO IBE, World Data on Education. Revised 12/2010).

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